Unparalleled experience and expertise

For 8 years, we helped pioneer the use of advanced laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques in crime scene investigation and security planning for the Metropolitan Police Service.

We have developed unique applications and techniques that make it one of the most powerful and effective tools in the Criminal Justice System and in Security Planning and Management

In that time we contributed significantly to many of the highest profile criminal investigations, inquests and security operations in the UK and abroad and in so doing we have become recognised as being amoungst the world leaders in this field.

We have used this technology in the UK courts, saving all parties time and money through having high quality, highly accurate and measurable, dynamic 3D environments of crime scenes and locations available to all. We use processes that ensure the evidence is secure and robust.

We have saved time and money and protected lives through our contribution to security planning and operational deployment.

This technology and our unparalleled expertise and experience has already proved to be a game changer for the MPS and we believe that it can do the same for many organisations, not just in policing and security, but in many other markets.

Imagine the power of having your own completely accurate 3D world to explore and use – one core investment can change your organisation

The sheer flexibility of having a totally accurate immersive 3D environment, which allows you to explore your site, building, plant, store, plane, train, ship or rig, at any time and anywhere, offers you enormous power and efficiency.

With one dataset you can more specifically; analyse your security set up; test your CCTV system effectiveness; view and track the condition of your assets; run virtual contingency planning exercises; get measurements down to millimetre accuracy; run health and safety exercises and produce familiarisation materials. You can introduce development plans onto the same 3D environment to assess them and also use images and animations to share with others, for example for planning bids.

With one core investment you will be achieving efficiencies and greater effectiveness across your whole organisation.

So contact us now to explore your new future future@advancedlaserimaging.com