3D Laser Scanning

At the core of our products and services

We have unprecedented experience of using many different 3D laser scanners on the market in many different situations.
We have close relationships with all the equipment manufacturers and associated software providers but are totally independent of any of them.

We are only interested in using or recommending the best instruments and software for your requirements.

How 3D Laser Scanners Work

3D laser scanning instruments collect millions of measurements in three dimensions producing what is known as a point cloud, by using eye safe laser light.
They allow us to rapidly capture a digital 3D recording of things, locations or buildings; in faithful and highly accurate detail.
These can be small and simple or very large and very complex buildings, areas, towns or cities.

Integrating digital photography captured at the same time allows us to generate highly photorealistic 3D environments, that truly give a sense of being there.

Highly Accurate Measurement

  • Real-time access to data gives critical measurements instantly
  • Post processing it provides platform for;
    1. Extracting 2D Drawings and 3D Models
    2. BIM (Building Information Modelling) deliverables
    3. Integration of other data for a wide range of powerful 3D tools and applications

Major Application Sectors

Policing, Counterterrorism and Security

  • Crime Scene recording and measurement
  • Crime scene reconstruction and analysis
  • Situational Awareness capabilities
  • Site and Perimeter security
  • Planning, Training and Operational Management

Infrastructure and Asset Management (from airports to heritage sites)

  • 3D virtual asset registers
  • Heritage recording
  • Change monitoring
  • Development planning

Facilities Management

  • Crowd flow simulation and recording
  • Service delivery efficiency e.g cleaning regime

Film and Entertainment

  • Immersive scenery backdrop and shot planning
  • Virtual tours

We have designed applications for every one of these areas and more’ based on the core properties of the amazing 3D point cloud data generated by 3D laser scanners.


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Facilities Management
Town Centre
Single Scan of Station
Crime Scene Analysis